Welcome to my site

Initially, I just wanted my own domain, to experiment with domains and secure communication as well as learn how DNS works.
I then realised that it was the perfect excuse to host my own site and what better use than to showcase the things I’ve built.

And so, I’ve started this site, as a way to practice documenting my work and other thoughts I may have too.

Below are links to writeups or relevant resources I’ve found helpful.

Things I’ve built so far

As well as those that I haven’t written about yet

  • My HomeLab
    • Home Assistant
      • ESPHome Bedroom and Office Lights Using Shelly One
      • ESPHome Bedside Light using Ikea Lamp and DIY Hardware
      • Docker Container setup
      • Recompiling kernel to enable AppArmor Linux Security Module and switch to 64-bit
      • Portainer + Discord Bot Setup
    • My Domain & DNS Setup
      • Nginx Setup and Self-Hosting using Home Assistant
    • This Website
  • Drones & Such?
    • OG HobbyKing Disaster
    • Modding the Turnigy 9X
    • Tiny Fixed Wing Need to find the name and original sources
    • Japalura
    • Taranis QX7
  • QE AS Level Design Project
    • “Smart” Bicycle Replacement Handlebars
  • Iris Keyboard
  • Repairing AKG K702s?
    • Fairly minor project, but it was useful, as I got them second-hand
  • University Coursework Projects (Currently private, may be made public when possible)

And finally, projects still in the concept and production stages